College of Political Science, Nahrain University

Al-Nahrain University, College of Political Science

(scientific discussion)

The doctoral thesis by researcher Anwar Hamid Hamad was discussed at Al-Nahrain University, Faculty of Political Science, under the title (The geostrategic impact of natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean region on European energy security). The discussion took place in the Hall of Two Rivers Civilizations. The discussion committee consisted of distinguished professors:
1. A. Dr.. Wasn Ihsan Abdel Moneim (Chairman).
2. A. Dr.. Mustafa Hussein Abdel Razzaq (Member)
3. A.M.D. Ihsan Adnan Abdullah (Member)
4A. M. Dr.. Zainab Abdullah Mankash (Member)
5. A. M. Dr.. Nisreen Faleh Hassan (member).
6. Prof. Dr. Ikhlas Qasim Nafel (member and supervisor)