College of Political Science, Nahrain University

Al-Nahrain University, College of Political Science

Dean's speech

Three decades have passed since the life of our dear college…the college that has produced hundreds of students who work and occupy many administrative and educational positions in the country.

The specificity of the college and its format are highly compatible with the modern and advanced style of education and the holding of workshops and seminars of an executive nature, which contributed to the stages of building the political system after 2003.
Whether in writing the constitution, prosecuting the previous regime for the crimes it committed, or formulating electoral systems and providing advice to the House of Representatives committees.

Today, the college has an ambitious plan for continuity and increased performance through the addition of a new group of young people to its teaching and professional staff, whom the government has succeeded in absorbing and pushing within the educational institution, Prime Minister Engineer Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani.

The directives of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Naeem Al-Aboudi, continue to emphasize sobriety and strengthening the values and principles of the institution, especially the faculties of political science.
Therefore, we are determined to work hard and continuously for the sake of stability and to continue to aspire to the continuous support provided by the President of the University, Professor Dr. Ali Al-Shawi, with the rest of the colleges and formations of our ambitious university, Al-Nahrain University.

I write these words and I am proud that I was one of the graduates of this college, and today I assume responsibility for its management with a good group of the best professors in Iraq.

Prof. Dr
Osama Murtada Baqir Al-Saeedi
Dean of the College


Consolidating and deepening the teaching of scientific political knowledge with principles, rules and management mechanisms
Public affairs (governance) in Iraq and various countries of the world at the theoretical level and at the level
Practical practice leading to the preparation of specialists in political science through scientific curricula
L of scientific maturity to serve our country.
Sober and of a high standard


Students’ familiarity with the principles, principles, foundations and rules of politics at the theoretical levels
And practical and graduate specialists who possess political knowledge and the ability to manage the affairs of the state
Local, national and international levels.


  • The college aims to build a conscious generation imbued with cultural values and scientifically qualified in the field of the college’s specializations (teaching and research) at the primary and higher levels to become a development resource capable of making significant contributions to research and career projects.

  • Developing and enhancing scientific research methodologies for students and teachers through specialized courses and cooperation and development programs with national and international institutions and universities.

  • Supporting the labor market with functionally qualified scientific graduates who possess a strategic mind to manage the present and the future and have the ability to confront challenges and formulate (alternative) futures in accordance with value-based and cultural frameworks.

  • Holding or contributing to seminars, discussions, and conferences in order to raise political awareness and employ scientific and scientific data in confronting challenges to contribute to supporting decision makers in recognizing and managing crises and risks.
    Openness to institutions…

College Structure

College Council

Professor Dr. Osama Mortada Baqir

Chairman of the Board

Professor Dr. Abbas Saadoun Refaat

Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs

Professor Dr. Ahmed Ghaleb Mohi

Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs

Professor Dr. Khader Abbas Atwan

Head of the International Politics Department

Professor Dr. Nasr Muhammad Ali

Head of the Department of Political Systems and Public Policies

Professor Dr. Qasim Muhammad Abd

Head of Strategy Department

Professor Dr. Ikhlas Qasim Nafel

Head of the Department of International Economic Relations

The teacher is Dr. Abdul Amir Salim Abbas

Secretary of the College Council