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E-learning, also known as online learning, is an education method that uses digital technology to deliver educational content and facilitate learning outside the traditional classroom. Through e-learning platforms, students can access course materials, participate in interactive activities, interact with teachers and peers, and complete assessments remotely. E-learning provides flexibility, convenience and accessibility, allowing learners to pursue education at their own pace and from anywhere with an Internet connection. They have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing opportunities for lifelong learning and skills development in the digital age.

Tracking Graduates

Graduate follow-up data and employer evaluation forms

Ladies and gentlemen, our dear graduates, part of your loyalty towards your dear country in general and your college in particular, and in order to work together to support the educational process and develop education in our dear country, lies in filling out this form through the following: –

The importance of filling out the form for graduates:

1- Continuing communication between graduates and the college and between graduates.

2- Within the college’s plan, it works to conclude joint agreements with several international and local companies in order to work on marketing graduates and employing them or working to employ them in the government sector according to the applicable controls and instructions.

3- Working to open special courses for graduates in order to develop their skills, each according to their specialty, in accordance with what the labor market requires.

The importance of filling out the form for the college:

1- Providing a solid and accurate database of graduates is considered an important criteria in evaluating universities and scientific and educational institutions. The higher the university rises in the classification, the higher the reputation of its graduates.

2- Preparing studies that contribute to the development of university work by developing curricula according to what the labor market requires, which helps graduates in finding greater job opportunities.

3- Providing information about graduates and the nature of the work they practice contributes to preparing a study through which the departments and specializations that are most in demand in the labor market are identified and those that are no longer suitable for the development taking place in it. Therefore, the university works to open departments or branches with specializations that suit the labor market and close others that do not. You support him.

To know more details about the college, please download the pdf file via the following link.