College of Political Science, Nahrain University

Al-Nahrain University, College of Political Science

Quality Assurance Division

This division is also concerned with managing all activities related to the college, including services, infrastructure, and other technical aspects.

This division is considered an interface for managing activity in terms of the quality of academic work. The Division of Quality Assurance and University Performance was established in the College of Political Science in the year 2012 after it represented a unit for managing quality activities in the college, whether academic, administrative, or financial quality.
Whether it is on the scope of the scientific aspect for students and teachers, scientific research, management of the scientific library, laboratories, and continuing education…etc.

In addition to what is related to civil society service, the relations between the college and the external environment, holding seminars and conferences, and holding workshops, this division adopts quality performance standards in accordance with the standards of Arab countries for academic quality, as well as other programs by accessing websites to learn about quality activities in regional and international universities. And keeping pace with developments that accompany the learning process in terms of teaching methods, indicators and standards of educational systems.
For preliminary studies and postgraduate studies, in light of which the academic program of the College of Political Science is improved and updated every five years to keep pace with the development that accompanies universities in various countries of the world and in order to improve the performance of students at all stages and obtain outcomes that possess the ability in terms of understanding and knowledge in various disciplines, whether Political or economic, and the labor market gains an advantage through the best outputs.

The Quality Assurance Division at the college continues to keep pace with the academic activity of students and teachers through the academic program prepared for its modern structure since 2012.

Based on quality indicators and standards that adopt the theme of transition from the state of education to the state of learning, in a way that gives the academic atmosphere the quality of understanding, perception and conclusion, and in a way that develops the perceptions and mentality of students to the level of excellence in their field of specialization.

The Quality Assurance and University Performance Division always adopts all instructions given to it by the Quality Assurance and University Performance Department at the university and based on instructions received from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in order to achieve the goals and ambitions in the field of higher education.