College of Political Science, Nahrain University

Al-Nahrain University, College of Political Science

(scientific discussion)

The Faculty of Political Science at Al-Nahrain University witnessed the discussion of a doctoral thesis by researcher Muhannad Ahmed Faraj entitled “The Role of American-European Sanctions in Building Counter-Alliances (Study of Selected Models).” The discussion took place in the Hall of Two Rivers Civilizations. 
The thesis aimed to study the impact of US and European sanctions on the formation of counter-alliances between targeted countries, and to review models and analyzes of this phenomenon.
The discussion committee consisted of distinguished professors:
1. A. Dr.. Abdul Samad Saadoun Abdullah - Chairman
2. A. Dr.. Haitham Karim Siwan - Member
3. A. Dr.. Ammar Hamid Yassin - Member
4A. Dr.. Mustafa Hussein Abdel Razzaq - Member
5. A. M. Dr.. Muhammad Abbas Ahmed - Member
6 a. Dr.. Abdul Ali Kadhim Shadid Al-Mamouri - member and supervisor
7. A. M. Dr.. Issam Asaad Mohsen - member and supervisor