College of Political Science, Nahrain University

Al-Nahrain University, College of Political Science

(scientific discussion)

The Faculty of Political Science at Al-Nahrain University discussed the doctoral thesis submitted by researcher Ikram Taher Makhilif, entitled “The impact of environmental degradation on Iraqi food security after 2010.”
The goal of the thesis is to study and analyze the impact of environmental degradation on food security in Iraq after 2010, by exploring the relationship between environmental changes and the ability to provide food to the population, and identifying the challenges facing food security.

The discussion committee consisted of distinguished professors:
1. A. Dr.. Wasn Ihsan Abdel Moneim - Chairman
2. A. Dr.. Israa Alaa El-Din Nouri - Member
3. A. Dr.. Ikhlas Qasim Nafel - Member
4A. M. Dr.. Fayek Hassan Jassim - Member
5. A. M. Dr.. Nisreen Riad Shanshul - Member
6 a. Dr.. Haitham Karim Siwan - Member/Supervisor
7. A. Dr.. Salam Abdul Jalil Hassan - member and supervisor