College of Political Science, Nahrain University

Al-Nahrain University, College of Political Science

(scientific workshop)

Under the patronage of the Dean of the Faculty of Political Science at Al-Nahrain University, Professor Dr. Osama Mortada Baqir Al-Saidi, a workshop was held entitled: (“Israel: Functional Entity… Questions of Existence and Annihilation”) in the Hall of Al-Nahrain Civilizations, under the supervision of Dr. Majid Hamid Khudair and the rapporteur, Dr. Haider. Qahtan Saadoun. A number of department professors participated in the workshop, and it was attended by a group of researchers and academics. Within the framework of monitoring political phenomena and keeping pace with developments taking place in the international and regional arenas, the Department of International Politics remains a pioneer in this field. The topic of the discussion session sheds light on the most important events and changes in the Arab region, including the current events in the Palestinian arena, especially in the Gaza Strip as a result of the ongoing military operations against our Palestinian people