College of Political Science, Nahrain University

Al-Nahrain University, College of Political Science

Nahrain_Political_Science_Conference 2024

Under the patronage and presence of His Excellency the Honorable Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Naeem Al-Aboudi, and in the presence of the Honorable President of Al-Nahrain University, Dr. Ali Al-Shawi, the Faculty of Political Science at Al-Nahrain University hosted its seventh annual conference under the title 'Iraq's status in light of regional and international changes'. The conference, which brought together local and international experts, shed light on the political dynamics and challenges facing Iraq and how the state can navigate between them to enhance its international regional standing. This was expressed by the respected Dean of the College of Political Science, Dr. Osama Murtada Baqir Al-Saidi, who welcomed His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the guests. Dear Sirs, he provided an overview of the dimensions of the conference, its purpose, and his serious desire to restore the prestige of the political science major.