College of Political Science, Nahrain University

Al-Nahrain University, College of Political Science

Handicrafts Festival and Championship)

In order to achieve excellence in the artistic and creative fields, the Student Activities Division at the College of Political Science at Al-Nahrain University participated in the Festival and Championship of Handmade and Artistic Works organized by the university, where the participants excelled in presenting a variety of fine artistic works, which qualified the college to win first place within the department’s annual curriculum activities. The college’s participation was represented by exceptional efforts by Dr. Saad Al-Dakhil, head of the Activities Division, Assistant Professor Donia Ali Abdel Hassan, and teacher Dr. Rawnaq Natiq, in addition to distinguished contributions from female students Umniah and Kawthar, who demonstrated high skills in the field of artistic and manual works. This achievement is evidence of the creative spirit and the college’s commitment to enhancing the talents of its students