Opinions on the Ministerial Program

According to the introduction of the ministerial program, which is based on the provisions of Article (76-fourth) of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq, which affirmed the formation of a coalition government in accordance with the principle of national partnership, the government aims to implement a realistic plan to reform many sectors and establish good governance through a national vision that ensures sustainable decent living for Iraqis. The government of Mr. Sudani has committed to implementing all the aspects of Goal 16 and 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Plan (SDGs 2015-2030) as well as the international agreements complementary to those goals that was ratified by the Republic of Iraq. Achieving those goals requires taking a set of measures based on the scientific method, which ensures the proper design and the correct implementation of the public policy cycle in accordance with the criteria adopted by the schools specialized in public policy and the success that accompanied many previous international experiences in that field, which greatly assists in improving the ministerial program and increasing its effectiveness.

In relation to the designation of the prime minister, the preparation of the ministerial program, and the implementation of its articles, this paper presents some opinions that were formulated based on public policy research methods as a modest contribution to supporting the government’s efforts to achieve the goals stipulated in the ministerial program, especially the goal mentioned of the second page that was presented as “working to establish security, stability, and role of law and to enhance the prestige of the state, as well as to meet the demands of all Iraqis”.

دليل كلية العلوم السياسية